maine coon cats

about our maine coon kittens

CoonAmor is a small Maine Coon breeder and we have just a few litters per year. Some of our kittens are available to pet homes with people looking to share their lives with these wonderful cats. Some of our Maine Coon kittens go to other established Maine Coon breeders with similar breeding philosophies and standards like our own.

Our Maine Coon kittens’ parents are TICA award winning cats that represent the best of the breed. All our breeding cats have tested clear of HCM via echocardiogram. And they are DNA negative for the one mutation known for HCM, SMA and PKDef. Hips have been screened clear for Feline Hip Dysplasia.

Kittens are spayed/neutered before they leave our home. All kittens are FeLV/FIV negative. Any potential home with an existing cat will have to provide proof that their cats are also negative. Each kitten receives a health examination, and a set of kitten vaccinations. They are ready to leave for their new homes when they are between 12-18 weeks old.

Kitten vaccinations are the 3 way non adjuvanted Merial PureVax Feline 3 (FRCP). They will require one kitten vaccination at about 16 weeks, and a booster a year later, of the same vaccination. If Rabies is required by law, then the only vaccine we recommend is the Merial PureVax Feline Rabies. We do not use any other vaccinations including those for FIP and FeLV and our health guarantee is void should these vaccination ever be given. We recommend regular wellness checks but vaccination protocols have changed significantly over the past years. Please take some time to read the information:

Your CoonAmor kitten will be registered in TICA..

Our cats eat a species appropriate raw diet and enjoy major health benefits that pass down to each successive generation. We require that you continuing feeding this diet, and provide you with all the necessary information. Below are a couple of informative links from veterinarians.

First, an introduction to species appropriate feeding by Lisa A Pierson, DVM

And this highly recommended book by Elizabeth M Hodgkins, DVM Esq. on cat care and health.

Our kittens go to approved smoke free, indoor only homes and may never be declawed. Our kittens have been raised as part of our family and have the sweet, endearing characters that personify this gentle breed.

Maine Coons are very large, substantial cats. They are also very slow to physically mature, not reaching their full size until 4 to 5 years old. During their first year in particular, it is advised to follow a few precautions to ensure healthy, proper growth. In addition to a proper diet, limiting jumping heights can help to prevent injuries or damage to developing bone structures. A few precautions can be helpful for these large, rapidly growing, though slowly maturing cats.

When you adopt a CoonAmor Maine Coon kitten, we believe it is a lifetime commitment to a loving new family member. We hope you don’t mind the questions we may have about how our kittens will live in their new homes. And we are happy to respond to any questions that you may have about these beautiful, gentle giants of the cat world.

We reserve the right to change our mind about placing our kittens for any reason and at any time.