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RW TGC CoonAmor You Don’t Own Me

Meet SiSi

SiSi  is a beautiful Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby girl we kept out of Rock and Sway.

SiSi has an expression we love and character that totally suites her name. She became SiSi after the Armani commercial with You Don’t Own Me Song! SiSi has it all, everything we could hope for in a Maine Coon. Besides being a Mac with an expression to die for, her type, build and character epitomize what we strive for in our program.

Because of COVID and travel restrictions the first show we attended after almost 3 years was last August in BC. SiSi did great and earned her TGC and an RW in this one and only show that she attended.


HCM DNA: Negative N/N

PK Def DNA: Negative N/N


HCM Screening: Normal

FHD Screening: Normal



Baby SiSi

Baby SiSi 2



RW TGC You Don’t Own Me