maine coon cats


CoonAmor….our name says it all. Love of these wonderful Maine Coons… in sharing our lives with them….and helping to preserve the Maine Coon breed with award winning cats raised for optimal health and wonderful characters.

Every day with these intelligent, sweet, and gorgeous “gentle giants” has been treasured. Our pedigrees have been carefully chosen over many years to promote vital, healthy cats with gentle, affectionate personalities and winning conformation to the TICA Maine Coon Breed Standard. CoonAmor is a very small in-home cattery registered with TICA. We show regularly in TICA in the NW region, across North America and also Europe.

We are a small cattery. We do not provide stud service to other catteries. Our cats are for indoor only homes. We feed a species appropriate raw diet exclusively, and ask that every kitten that leaves our cattery continues eating a balanced raw diet. Our cats may never be declawed. We expect that every kitten that leaves here is a lifetime commitment to a new family.

CoonAmor Maine Coon cats and kittens in Vancouver, BC, Canada.