maine coon cats


CoonAmor….it’s all in the name. Love of this wonderful breed… in sharing our lives with them….and helping to preserve the Maine Coon breed with award winning,  typey cats raised for optimal health and loving personalities.

Every day with these intelligent, sweet, and gorgeous “gentle giants” has been treasured. Our pedigrees have been carefully chosen over many years to promote vital, healthy cats with gentle, affectionate personalities and winning conformation to the Maine Coon Breed Standard. CoonAmor is a very small in-home cattery registered with TICA and CFA. We show regularly in TICA in the NW region, across North America and also Europe. Our cats are Champion to Supreme Grand Champions, International’s al Breed winners, and International & Regional winners. We also have TICA’s International Best Kitten of the Year for 2019.

We follow a natural, preventative approach to feline health and wellness. Comprehensive health screening is supported by exclusively feeding a species appropriate, balanced raw diet free from fillers, chemicals or preservatives. Cats are very sensitive and unique in the animal world. Much like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, they alert us to toxins, chemicals and other problems the environment. Studying and availing the most current research, we strive for the healthiest, most appropriate lifestyle choices. Our Maine Coon cats are DNA negative for MyBPC3 and PK Def, and breeding cats are screened with Doppler Ultrasound by a board certified cardiologist to be free from HCM.

Our cats are our family, and share our home and lives equally with us.  Their joy, humour and companionship all contribute a profound connection to our place in this world. We can’t imagine our lives without them.