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Baby Ruby and Guri

Information on CoonAmor Maine Coon kittens and our current litters and future plans can be found here:

We are delighted to share some of our Maine Coon kittens with those looking to add this wonderful breed to their families. CoonAmor Maine Coon kittens are available to pre-approved, indoor homes only.

Indoor cats live longer and safer lives:

None of our cats or kittens can ever be declawed, and we ask that you learn about this crippling mutilation. Declawing is thankfully now banned in British Columbia and other countries, and is currently being banned in more locations in North America as well.

It is a natural behaviour for cats to scratch and they must be provided with appropriate scratching surfaces. A cat tree is essential for these large cats. Check your local pet store for some good ideas. There are many large cat trees available now that are quite attractive.

Cats are extremely clean and it is important that their litter boxes are maintained daily. There are many litters on the market. We have had great success with a rather novel system. We, and the cats, appreciate that it is dust free, track free, and very clean. Also paper pellets have been readily accepted. Fresh News is soft on the feet and does not break down like pine of some other paper litters.

Maine Coons do enjoy companionship with another cat or kitten and also can get along very nicely with dogs. We recommend that our Maine Coon kittens have a kitten or cat companion, especially if they are left alone too long during the day. Our breeding cats have loving, friendly characters that they pass along to their kittens. Combined with very early socialization, a CoonAmor Maine Coon kitten will be a cherished lifelong companion.