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Rock has earned his Lifetime Achievement Award with a third International Win in 2020. Bravo Rock! LA BW SGC CoonAmor We Will Rock You. Rock was TICA’s Kitten of the Year for 2019! What an honour. He was International Maine Coon Breed Winner and also TICA’s 5th Best Cat Internationally in the same season, which is quite an achievement. Rock was NW Region Best Kitten and NW Region Best Cat. What an stellar show career for an amazing cat.


It’s all in the name… for these wonderful Maine Coons… in sharing our lives with such magnificent cats….and contributing to this breed with award winning cats raised for wonderful characters and optimal health.

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We are looking at reservations for summer 2021. There is a wait list. If you are interested in one of our kittens, please contact us through the contact page.

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CoonAmor Maine Coon cats is a very small in-home Maine Coon cattery registered with TICA. Our cats have been shown around the world in North America, Europe and Asia. Our award winning cats have won some of the highest honours in TICA Internationally as well as regionally.

Every day with these intelligent, sweet, and gorgeous “gentle giants” is treasured. Our pedigrees are built on the North American roots of this native North American breed. Our cats have  loving personalities and winning conformation to the Maine Coon Breed Standard.

Our Maine Coon cats are our family, sharing our home and lives equally with us. Their joy, humour, running conversation at which they are particularly skilled, and companionship all contribute a profound connection to our place in this world. We can’t imagine our lives without our Maine Coon cats, and enjoy sharing this special breed with others. Every CoonAmor Maine Coon kitten will be a wonderful companion and friend. “We remain responsible forever for what we have tamed….” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince

At CoonAmor, we follow a natural, preventative approach to feline health and wellness. Comprehensive health screening is supported by exclusively feeding a species appropriate, balanced raw diet. Our breeding cats are selected with structural soundness, correct conformation, and health as the foundation for winning type. All are DNA negative for HCM, PKDef and SMA. Our cats are routinely screened with Doppler Ultrasound by a board certified cardiologist to be free from HCM. Hips are x-rayed by our veterinarian to ensure that there is no sign of FHD. Our Maine coon kittens receive full health examinations and kitten series vaccinations before leaving for their new homes.

Amidst many tales and legends, the Maine Coon cat is North America’s only native long hair cat. They are loved for their charming, gentle dispositions. Their substantial size and shaggy coats are very well adapted to an original New England climate.

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